Gary Doan
Garland, Texas

William Buckley’s famous formulation in who to vote for was essentially to vote for the most conservative candidate – who can win.

In some states, especially in places like the Northeast, conservatives may need to be moderate to do so. They may need to hem and hedge and dance around until they are acceptable, docile moderates unwilling to buck the status quo and indistinguishable from moderate Democrats.

But not Texas. God willing, never Texas.

So why the hell is my state, time and again, willing to accept John Cornyn when there are better options? Because he’s a long term incumbent? If the Texas GOP was half of what they billed themselves to be, that wouldn’t be seen as even a positive thing, much less the end of the conversation.

Dwayne Stovall, by contrast, is exactly what a GOP candidate from a deep red state should be. And whether or not he’s likely to win against the incumbent shouldn’t even matter to a real Texan. The primary is exactly the place for them to show what they will and won’t accept from leadership, and the choice is clear.

Cornyn is not just accepting of, but an embodiment of the DC status quo. Enormous budgets and deficits. Unchecked executive power. Federal control over states and individuals, regardless of the tenth amendment or the Constitution. By contrast, Stovall is a Federalist. He describes himself as a Jeffersonian constitutional conservative, and on most issues he is. He certainly isn’t running just to do whatever Mitch McConnell or Trump will tell him to, because he’s got concrete beliefs and grit.

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