Wallace Dunn

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Stovall. He is about the most intelligent and well-informed person I have ever met on the Constitution and the founding of our great country. What's even more amazing about that, is he is SELF-TAUGHT. He took it upon himself to study and learn about how our form of Government is SUPPOSED to work. It's not even close to that. I am a student of History and a strict Constitutionalist. I believe the Founding Fathers knew exactly what they meant when they wrote our Declaration of Independence and our US Constitution. Mr. Stovall exactly mirrors the way I think about our current Federal Government. It's broke and WE the PEOPLE need to fix it. God Bless America, Mr. Stovall, and his family in this pursuit. Texas NEEDS a true Conservative to represent our great State in Washington DC. DRAIN THE SWAMP. Time for Cornyn to "get retired" by WE the PEOPLE.

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