jimmy frederick
winnsboro texas ,75494

its time for Cornyn to go ,he has been in this position so long that he has become a political gargoyle and only represents himself and what he wants ,and what his lobby bribes him to do ,and he like so many of the other politicians disregards their constitutional oath and power limitations and has clearly become whats wrong with our government , politicians should be strictly held to their oath to office to follow the real limitations of constitutional law restricting their power and over reach written by the original framers of the constitution ,not the infringed version that the crooks in Washington have manipulated to suit them and their lust for power and wealth, and if they do violate that oath then they should be removed from office immediately ,and swiftly prosecuted thrown in prison for life and stripped of their wealth . its time to vote out whats really messin with Texas and vote for a real Texan who will actually represent us and real Liberty , my vote is for Stovall

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