Dennis Edwards
Pearland, Tx

I first met Dwayne Stovall before he first stood up to run against John Cornyn. Dwayne has educated me and so many on how our government is SUPPOSED to function and what has allowed it to become the dysfunctional and corrupt institution it is today.

Dwayne has always embodied to me what it means to be a Texan and I am a proud and ardent supporter. The 36th Congressional district couldn't elect a more qualified or better representative than Dwayne Stovall.

Do NOT miss the opportunity to hear him speak, to get to know him... and when you do, you'll support him.

I encourage ALL Texas voters to support Dwayne Stovall.. for us to restore America to what it was intended to be, we will need courageous LEADERSHIP, the type of leadership that Dwayne Stovall has and will take to the U.S. Congress.

Dennis J. Edwards
Texas Conservatives

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