Trey Mays
Plano, Texas

I, Trey Mays, the Founder and CEO at The Truth Dispatch (, and a rising Christian political prognosticator with a steadfast commitment to God's ultimate reality and standard for all of life and a strong commitment to the Constitution, strongly endorse Dwayne Stovall for Congress. We need more Courageous Conservatives in Congress with a commitment to God's standard for the family and human life, and a faithful and steadfast commitment to the Constitution and Liberty. We need more Courageous Conservatives who will fight tirelessly to shrink the size and scope of government to its constitutional limits, while returning power back to the States, the People, the Family, and the Church respectively. We need more Courageous Conservatives who will fight with the People to break the Washington Cartel. Dwayne Stovall isn't in my Congressional District, but if he were, I proudly endorse him and I would vote for him.

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