Kimbely Rady Howbert
The Woodlands, Texas

When I met Dwayne Stovall, he was running for the US Senate. He answered every audience question at the town hall meeting, showing a depth of knowledge regarding the Constitution that few candidates possess. Dwayne is quite good about answering questions posed on his facebook page as well. I have no doubt that this fine man will follow the law, stand on the constitutional principles that have made this nation great and represent his constituents faithfully. His love of Texas and America are most evident and all of Texas will be proud that Dwayne is representing our state. Dwayne is a family man, businessman and has voluntarily stepped up to become a citizen politician. This nation needs many more patriots like Dwayne to bring us back to the greatness that has seemed to slip away in recent years. I consider it an honor to cast my vote for Dwayne Stovall and invite all Texans to give him a close scrutiny and then VOTE STOVALL.

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