Larry Bowden
Tomball, Texas

John Cornyn has been a huge disappointment in support of Conservative values that have a direct impact upon Texans and this great Nation.

Last year I heard John Cornyn on Fox discuss how we did not have a Border Security problem and that Texans do not want a Wall that President Trump has been fighting for. Later in 2019 I noticed that Senator Cornyn changed his view and began publicly acknowledging we had a crisis and now advocates the need for a Wall. Well this Texan doesn't believe nor trust him.

I've researched Dwayne Stovall and I appreciate his support of Federalism and our Bill of Rights which a restriction upon the Federal Government, not the People as many politicians would have us believe. I support his disciplined views on budget deficit, debt, regulations. I think he will be the right leader to accompany Senator Ted Cruz in fighting for Conservative principles.

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